Saturday, 18 June 2011

Patchwork pillowcase n.1

When my adventures in sewing began I was sure about a thing: patchwork didn't appeal to me.

And now...
...I'm obsessed with patchwork projetcs, I'm crazy for hexagons, I read books about patchwork and I sew pillowcases with little scraps of fabrics.
Everything changes.
And I'm happy it is so! :)

Patchwork satisfied my need to use all the tiny leftovers of fabric I save from my projects. I hate wastes of materials!
Paper piecing technique is great when you want to work to a sewing project, but you can't use your sewing machine. And I love patchwork also because it is lovely in little projects for your home (and I like everything has little dimensions, do you remember?).

This pillowcase is my first finished patchwork project.
And it's not perfect. I don't know exactly why, but the squares don't fit perfectly, though I'm usually careful when I cut fabric. Well, it doesn't matter! I like my pillow anyway!

I mixed some different fabrics for it:
- organic light blue linen I received from Manuela
- black cotton, recycled from old trousers
- some black/white and grey/white ikea fabrics (other projects' leftovers)
- old pink corduroy and vintage pink cotton with white dots (I've already use them here and here)
- white cotton with grey flowers I received from my friend Alice (a vintage fabric she found in her grandmother's home)
I didn't use a pattern for this project; as usual I mixed all the squares following my personal taste.

I've also nearly finished my first project: a pillowcase with hexagons.
The front panel is done and I really like it, but I haven't a suitable fabric for the back. I hope to find it soon.


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