Monday, 8 August 2016

Summer sewing in black & white: skirt and t-shirt

Hi, lovely readers!
How is your summer going?

Mine is full of trips, time with friends, work, books, beach and good food.
I'm not very creative in this period, but I've probably understood where the problem is hidden (multitasking is not always a good thing!) and I'm going to do some good planning to reconnect myself to my self-expression path.

Despite this not-very-creative mood, I made some new clothes for me. 
Summer is the best season for diy clothes, in my opinion. 
Easy t-shirts, or skirts, are very easy to sew and they help your wardrobe staying full of options during the hot season, when the pile close to washing machines can reach huge dimensions.

I made a skirt and a t-shirt!
They both are black and white (+stripes!). It's not a combo I used to like in the past, but something was calling me while I was looking for fabrics into my boxes.

The skirt (very easy pencil skirt)

handmade skirt

Something about this skirt:

  • I've bought the fabric more than two years ago and left unused, because I loved it so much that I was terrified to waste it (also because the piece was very small).
    It's a strong but lightweight and soft knitted cotton fabric, printed with different motivs of black and white zigzag stripes.
  • I've drawn the desing by myself following my body's shape and measurements. It's a very easy pencil skirt finished with an elastic on the waist:

elastic waist of a skirt

The t-shirt (stripes + flowers again!)

diy clothes

simple design for diy t-shirt

Something about this t-shirt:
  • Yes, the fabric it's the same of the stripes+flowers t-shirt I made last year (still loved and worne) but in black+white+sand and not in blue. I have a big piece of it, so I will probably sew something else in the future.
  • Design by me!
    I used a (bought) t-shirt that it's very confortable on me and used as a pattern.
    I added some bands on the sleeves because these details help handmade clothes to look less handmade (yes!).
    I'm not 100% satisfied by the neck line. It's always the part of the process that gives my troubles.

Future projects

I'd like to go on sewing in August.
It's to start something new, so in my plans there are:
  • Culottes! I've collected a lot of inspirations, tips, patterns and tutorial for culottes making in a Pinterest board. Something like this or this will be great!
  • A top with draped neck line following this tutorial. I hope it will help me in go over my problems with neck lines. I like this kind of neck line very much, too!
  • Leggins or easy pants in stretch/kintted fabric.

I'll share with you the finished projects, of course!

Do you practice easy summer sewing like me?
Share your work! I'm always looking for new inspirations!


  1. Ma che belle cose che fai, complimenti!!!!!

    1. Grazie!
      Sono molto semplici, ma danno soddisfazione!


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