Saturday, 9 July 2016

Blog makeover - new about page

In my last post about this blog's makeover I wrote that I've made some changes around the pages, rearranging them, offering new contents and giving them a better look.
But, honestly, something wasn't so good in them, expecially in the "about" page.

Last sunday I was travelling by bus to work (art exibition "Museo della follia" in Catania) and I was looking at Pinterest on my smartphone, when I saw an interesting pin with this title: "How to write an epic about page for you blog".

If you click it you'll be in the collective mill blog to read the whole article!
So good and full of right considerations and suggestions!

I decided to make some changes in my about page following what the author said in that article and see what happens :)

What I did

Here's a screenshot of the upper parts of my about page before (on the left) and after (on the right):

write a new about page by madamerenard

There's a big difference!
At first glance they're different only in their look, but the most consistent work I've done is on the content.

I've completely reorganized it and divided into four sections:

  • eco-friendly sewing + rural life + creativity
    It's important to start with your blog's topics at first. People need to know if your blog is for them or not, before going on exploring.
    I've understood that starting from their needs and curiosities is better than starting from you and your story. It's a  way to capture interested people, but also to be helpful and clear to readers at their first visit.
  • where to start
    The idea is to be helpful to your readers. They don't know you so much, so offering them some directions to follow is very good.
    I've linked some blog posts I'm proud of, some I think can be useful to my readers, some other to get some informations about me.
    I think I'm going to change them here and there, to get up-to-date directions.
  • my story
    Of course, interested readers would like something about you and your story. They would probably be curious about who you are in "real" life.
    Without being too rambling, I've tried to tell something about my story, my job, my other passions. There's a real person behind the blog!
  • let's be friends!
    We live in a very social world. Interaction is what we look for when we write our blog posts (nobody starts a blog to act a monologue).
    So I left some ways to connect with me.

I've done a good job, I think.
Some banners, illustrations and photo help in offering a lovely view to the readers; I imagine them like people who are going in a new place for the first time: visitors need something beautiful, cozy and well organized to feel like at home
I've used the colors of my palette (lilac + dusty blue + some black accents) and picmonkey to make photo collages.

What I didn't

There only one thing inside that article that gave me difficulties: the suggestion "Show Them Why You’re Unique".  Uhm, well, coff coff, I'm not so sure!
What I need is some work on personal branding!
I know that I sew, I like nature, I'm doing my best to save the world, but, honestly, are these things making me unique?
I don't know.

I hope this post could be helpful to ther bloggers.
Visit my new about page and let me know what you think!
And, to help me in solving my problems with uniqueness, answer this question: where (or how) did you find your uniqueness?


  1. Your about me page looks awesome!!! : )

    1. Thank you!
      I'm happy you like it. I did my best!

  2. I did a blog makeover in June (and posted about it in July) as well. It's amazing how detail oriented you can get. But no, I never found my unique factor. I'm just keeping on blogging, because it's a way of life now. And it's fun. What would I do without it?! But clearly my blog has a ways to go toward improvement…

    I think your blog looks magnifique! The before/after suggests that you've definitely improved it for the better! Hopefully you find your uniqueness soon. :)

    1. Thank you for you comment and for you kind words about my blog's makeover.
      Yes, blogging is funny :)
      this is the reason why I haven't given up yet!
      I'm going to visit your blog!


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