giovedì 26 febbraio 2015

New products in the shop - mad for wallets making

A lot of sewing for the shop recently! 
I've made some new products and I discovered I'm mad for wallets making!
Oh, how I love those little fabric accessories! 
They help me in using some little scraps I have in my stash (only small rectangles and squares needed!) and are little projects to work with when you have only short time for craft.

I design by myself my wallets. Sometime they are embroidered. Some are made of recycled materials, some have leather straps. Inside they have pockets for paper money and for coins, closed by a strap of velcro or by tiny zippers.
I like to vary :D

These are the wallets recently added to my shop:

wallet by madamerenard on etsy

wallet by madamerenard on etsy

mini billfold wallet in gold with little flowers

recycled wallet

unisex billfold wallet by madamerenard on etsy

unisex billfold wallet by madamerenard on etsy

I liked so much this wallet that I decided to use the same materials for a fabric Moleskine cover.

The risult is this African print Moleskine cover:

fabric cover for moleskine journal

And of course a new bag!
I made another Josy Clutch (pattern by Ithinksew) to offer as an alternative of a Tulip bag made of the same fabric.
Do you like it?

handmade fabric bag

That's all!

martedì 24 febbraio 2015

The privilege to live in Sicily

One of the privileges to live in Sicily is that amazing places to visit are very close to you. Like Agrigento and its "Valle dei templi" ("temples valley"), with the (oh, so beautiful!) ruins of the old greek city af Akragas.
A beautiful sight even in a dark, rainy and cold day!

(Oh, yes, this is me with my tourist guide pass)

Even the goats have something special here!

And almonds trees are blooming!

I feel so lucky to live in this beautiful region!

mercoledì 11 febbraio 2015

Carnival sewing: a tulle skirt

Carnival is coming!

The first Carnival day will be next Thursday and here in Sicily people are getting ready for this event.
I'm not a big fan of this noisy, dirty and "squandering" feast, but I like to have fun and to enjoy the best part of everything. And the best part of Carnival is... no, not the typicall dishes, but... making costumes! :)
Expecially when they are for little ones!

My niece C. (7 years old) will wear a cat costume this year and I made her a tulle skirt to match with cat ears and tail, leggins and turtleneck sweater.
I had so much fun yesterday when I was making her the skirt. Not my usuall sewing; it's good to test something new every now and then.

This tulle skirt is made of three tulle layers (black, white, black). I've curled them by hands and fixed to a silver elastic band.

A useful note: the tulle stripes' lenght was four times the elastic band's lenght.
So the curling is very wispy :)

I closed the elastic band with a metallic snap and voilà, the skirt is finished. 
No need to close the back side, because the tulle is so "puffy" that the skirt closes by itself (and ... we need an open place for the tail).

I can't wait to see my neice wearing this skirt!

And you? What are you wearing [*] for Carnival parties this year?
[*] or making for the kids you love ;)

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lunedì 9 febbraio 2015

Cross stitch: hate or love?

I've developed a strange obsession for cross stitch recently and I don't know if I hate or I love it.
I hate the fact that you have to count all the squares, because, you know, I like free embroidery, without rules and patterns.
But the final result, so minimal and rustic/old style, is beautiful to me. I really like it! So, uhm, although I hate to do cross stitch I'm going on stitching because I like the final result. So odd!
I'm constantly pinning cross stitch patterns, expecially when my favourite themes (nature, flowers, animals) are involved. Nordic / scandinavian style is always welcome for my embroidery, too!

These are my latest cross stitch works.
I embroidered small scraps of fabric and mixed them to other materials to make small accessories for my shop.
Take a look!

Fox wallet (my favourite!):

Do you like cross stitch?

mercoledì 4 febbraio 2015

Work in progress

I took this snapshots yesterday, while working to a custom order for my shop.
I like "work in progress" photography, I like documenting my creative process.
Looking at these simple images I thought our life is a work in progress. We evolve and change over and over again. And it's good.

This is probably the reason why I've apparently lost my interest in blogging. Something has changed in me. I can't find my blogging voice right now.
But I'm doing and making like a crazy girl and I'm happy.

Yesterday, after two months of no blogging, I felt the urge to share something with my readers.
I'm here again. Maybe.

Say "hello" in the comments if you are happy to see me again. I probably need some greetings to restart writing here.

venerdì 5 dicembre 2014

Advent signs

At mum's home in the North for some holiday days.
The sky is so grey and gloomy here (100% usual for this part of Italy in december) that I feel a bit like I have dark clouds in my brain. But my heart is singing, like under a happy sun.
I'm spending special days with mum, AuntFran, brother, big cousins and friends!
Also enjoying the advent atmosphere.
I can't believe december is here. Again. 2014 is going to the end. Really???

I'm having fun capturing advent signs here and there with my camera.
Not those showy Christmas decorations that are everywhere right now, but all the little things that make my frugal Christmas.
Let me show them with you.
A couple of cute tiny angels for my Christmas tree I bought yesterday at "L'artigiano in fiera" (a big fair in Milan):
They come from Lithuania and I can't wait to show them to S.
Other angels I photographed visiting the fair. They are made of crocheted cotton and wooden spheres for the heads.
A recycled paper nativity I bought for mum in a craft fair  last november (look where S. and I have been in a sunny november sunday!).
It's now part of her collection.
eco-friendly christmas
Mum loved it at first sight. I'm happy her collection is growing with my contribute, too!
Some advent craft: I'm making new synthetic felt ornaments. Not only embroidered stars! These are for cat lovers (like me).
Pam's ornament for mum is in its place: mum decided to hang it to her kitchen's door, so she can see it everyday!
I'm updating my Pinterest boards almost everyday, filling them with ideas for a rustic Christmas or for all people who like snowflakes (like me!) as winter symbol. They are full of other advent inpirations, take a look!

martedì 18 novembre 2014

Refashion: from trousers to skirt

After a very long time I finally spent a couple of hours refashioning old clothes.
Refashion is one of my favourite craft!
Since I have difficulties in throwing away my old things, I like to give them a new life to keep them with me for some more. 
And this is expecially important for beloved clothes, like a pair of Esprit grey trousers I bought 4-5 years ago and wore almost till consumption (they were so confy and their fabric so good!!!).
Making a skirt out of them, cutting away the damaged parts, seemed a good idea. So I did it!

This is the before&after photo-collage:

And this is the photo of the back:

the final result is a pencil skirt and a "tear" is higly reccomended to walk without problems.
I realized it simply folding the fabric inside and sewing. 
I know this isn't the right way to realize these details in clothes, but it's a simple solution for a very informal skirt like this.

The skirt is not perfect.
Making a perfect skirt recycling a pair of trousers is almost a "mission impossible", because the fabric's cut in trousers follows curve lines that are very difficult to conceal when it's time to sew the skirt.

But if you want to try you can follow these tutorials:
- "Pants to pencil skirt" by La vie DIY
- Tutorial by sewmakeplay (a different solution from the front)
- 5 ways to turn jeans into a skirt with different skirt designs
- "Turn pants onto a skirt" by Potluck on the porch

Here in my Pinterest board about refashion you can find other tutorials and inspirations if you want to save an old pair of trousers (or other clothes you love).