venerdì 18 luglio 2014

July in 31 photos - days 11-18

Day 11: I've photographed the rose my students gave me some days ago, before it fades. Isn't it beautiful?

Day 12: Jam again! Four pots of yellow plums this time! It's very tasty, very sweet but with some tartness. That bear is a box for biscuits! :)

Day 13: Looking for something to make with recycled t-shirt yarn. My first idea was to crochet it, but later I changed my mind and started to braid it.

Day 14: in the evening we celebrated 82nd birthday of my father-in-law (no photos to publish), but in the morning I was in Catania for work and captured a detail of a very central square (roman amphitheatre's ruins behind the little head).

Day 15: after dinner we found that our succulents gave birth to these amazing flowers. This is the second flowering this year.

Day 16: Finished and uploaded in the shop a new moleskine cover, embroidered by me (you will probably recognize those flowers):

Day 17: We finally took home the new chairs for the new desk. One is acid green!!!

Day 18: today. After braiding as a crazy girls t-shirt yarn (I've a project in my mind) I decided to use a small piece to make a summer bracelet for me, because I love those colours together and on me. I bought the metalic parts at the outdoor market, today.

Another week finished.
The weekend is here! I have some work to do, but I hope to go in some furniture shops with S. and, why not?, to the beach. Hope to take beautiful photos, too!

martedì 15 luglio 2014

Refashioned + new

This is me in an idiot pose (forgive me! I can't act as a model!), wearing my new white sandals and something recently realized by me: a skirt and a refashioned t-shirt.

I bought the shirt 4-5 years ago and not used it too much, because it was too long and roomy, with and elastic band at the bottom. 
It looked lovely in the shop, but I couldn't wear it without looking pregnant -___-
So this year I decided for some cutting-sewing and now I can wear it.
It's so confy! :)

I like to have it to match with my new handmade skirt.
I made it because this pin inspired me and taught me how beautiful pencil skirts can be.
The fabric is a very fresh and lightweight jersey I bought last year. Lovely print, a bit strange and too optical for me, but I like it the same.

I'm working a lot around my summer closet, this year.
I need more clothes because I work almost everyday and I also need to "reorganize" my exterior appearance, after years of carelessness. 
It's a thing every girl has to do at some points of her life!
The next thing I want to do is another quick refashion: I wanto to turn a pair of old trousers in capri pants.
But today I'm braiding t-shirt yarn and I can't foresee where my creativity will bring me this week! :)

domenica 13 luglio 2014

July in 31 photos - days 6-10

Second step of my July photographic project.
I'm sharing with you today the photos about days 6-10.

I'm very happy that Pam decided to follow me in this photographic project and she's uploading daily photos into her Instragram album.
She is working very well, surely better than me (today is day 13, and I haven't edited and published my photos about days 11 e 12, I'm so late!!!).
Remember you can join, too.
Follow the (super simple) rules here!

Day 6: Sunday: some embroidery after lunch. I've experimented a bit with monocromatic embroidery - flowers totally improvised by me.

Day 7: Working from home. I'm preparing some of my lessons of the week (they are about tourism).

Day 8: I'd love to swim in the beautiful Ionian Sea (we live very closed), but today I can't, so I'm letting images and words speak about my needs :)

Day 9: Final exhibition for the girls who attend the school where I work ad a teacher. They were fabulous!!!
And S. and I spent a very fresh and funny evening outdoor, watching the show and meeting friends and coworkers.

Day 10: lunch with both my parents-in-law (and S., too) after a visit to the hospital for my father-in-law (nothing serious, don't worry). The right occasion to "inaugurate" one of the tableclothes I made by myself last month!

Happy sunday!!!

sabato 5 luglio 2014

July in 31 photos: day 1-5

I started the new month with a new project in my mind.
Following my growing need to document my daily life, I decided to take one photo (at the least) everyday for the whole July and to publish it here and in my Flickr album.
It's a great way to see how the month is going and to sum up my summer (I'm starting with July, but my plans are to go on in august, too). 
You know that I have big expectations for this summer and I hope to see beautiful snaps speaking about fun, nature and summer happiness.

Would you join me in this project?
I've called it "July in 31 photos" (I'm not very creative with names)
If you wanto to have fun with me, the only things you have to do are: 
- capture an image of your day, everyday
- publish it where you like best (Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, your blog, ....)
- let me know in the comment where I can see your photos
I'd like to take a glance in your summer :)

I'll probably publish my photos by grouping them, because I haven't the day to edit and blog every day.
Today I'm sharing with you my first 5 days.

Day 1: S. transplanted some succulents (+ another unknown little plant) in our acid green pot:

Day 2: a mysterious little light in our lawn (a firefly, I suppose)

Day 3: olive plants took frangipani's place in front of our main door - from a tropical corner to a very mediterranean one

Day 4: new shoes for me!

Day 5: typicall sicilian breakfast for summer: bread and granita (granita is made of almonds, sugar, milk, ice and cinnamon... very refreshing)

And 5 days have gone!

martedì 1 luglio 2014

What I've been busy on

I'm not sure the title is written in correct english, but this is what jumped in my mind this morning when I decided to write a blog post after more than a month.
I've been busy on several (happy) things recently and blogging hasn't been on top of my list of priorities.
50% I missed it and 50% not. 
This pause is letting me pondering about my being on line, but, hey, this is not that kind of post.
I'm here because, after some very hectic weeks I started to take photos and documenting my life again. And blogging is part of the process, together with writing in my moleskine journal.

I need to share the things that took me busy between May and June.

Work work work
I'm super happy because I'm going to work everyday till the end of July. Money in my wallet and valid experiences on my curriculum vitae. Yay!

Study study study
I've helped S. to study for his exams. They went great, of course! :P

Enjoying summer
Last year summer went oh, so wrong :(
My dad's illness and death captured all my thoughts, of course, and I was so sad and worried that I couldn't enjoy summer things.
I've decided to have a great summer this year and I'm running to do more things possible.

S. and I started to:
- planning some afternoons at the seaside
- having walks after dinner (fresh air!!!)
- going with friends to outdoor concerts
- preserving food for winter (apricot jam, this time):

- explore Sicily and look to sicilian tradition:

And I:
- indulged in some summer shopping (haven't finished yet, eh eh):

(this is for my cousin's wedding, I don't wear this kind of clothes daily)

- painted my nails and bought new nail polish (glitter, gold and magnolia pink)
- wrote a list of books I want to read this summer
- had a new haircut

Working for our home
A lot of time is going to complete the furniture of our home.
We bought and put together a beautiful white desk (so laaaarge) for my sewing room, with three drawers and two new chairs. 
Now we need shelves for the books.
We are visiting several shops to decide how to fill the living room (still empty!).
Lot of gardening, too!

I've carved out some time for sewing.
I've completed a t-shirt with dusty blue knit fabric (not photographed) and now I'm refashioning some summer clothes, so I can use them this year, too.
I've also completed four tableclothes for my kitchen:

Fabric bought last may. I'm still in love with them.

I'm not sure it's all.
The important thing is I'm here again and I'm going to re-start blogging.
Maybe :)

mercoledì 14 maggio 2014

Yes, another striped t-shirt

I love stripes!
I love them like polka dots.
You've probably noticed it before, because, since I've started sewing clothes for myself, I've made striped t-shirts everytime I had the right fabric for.

And again, I've just finished another striped t-shirt, the second one this year (here the first).
You've seen it (unfinished) in my last post.

It has striped in different colours. Although I'm not 100% happy about the colours scheme of the fabric, there is something I really like in it, probably it's to mix of blues and greens.

The things I like most of this t-shirt are that I had enough fabric to make 3/4 sleeves and that the quality of the knitted jersey is very good (so fresh to wear!).

To make it I've altered the pattern of this cardigan.

I've already worn this t-shirt for a very hard morning of work at school. And it was so confy and fresh!
And 3/4 sleeves are perfect for school in this period of the year, because they are fresh but more elegant than short sleeves.

The only thing that makes me sad about my new striped t-shirt is that I haven't finished it in time for "Spring top sewalong 2014" -___-
Oh, well, it's not so important! :)

lunedì 12 maggio 2014

Time for...

May, time for...

... snuggles!

... new flowers to enjoy

... new fabrics bought at the outdoor market: plain jersey (white, blue/violet, aqua, dusty blue) for my clothes (only 6 € for the whole pile!), strong cotton for table-clothes which will be lovely in my kitchen!

... sewing another striped t-shirt for me, with this 3/4 sleeves this time! I've finished it today and I can't wait to show you how it came out!

... fresh fruits, typicall of this period of the year: cherries and white mulberries! So yummy!

... cutting magazines and pasting beautiful images in my moleskine journal + saving other images in my yellow envelope of future collages (I haven't made collages recently, but I'm still interested in this form of art).