Thursday, 3 November 2016

Christmas ornaments for introverts

I know, the title sounds a bit crazy, but it reflects some of my thoughts of this period. 

In my (rare) spare time I'm dedicating myself to get my shop ready for Christmas and so I've worked on new photos of my handmade ornaments (and also prepared a coupon code to have them with a 15% discount).

decorative stars for christmas home decor
My ornaments
They are little and simple ornaments. Totally my style!
Some are made of cornastarch clay (stars and snowflakes) painted by me in white. Some others are made of recycled materials. My favourite are the felt embroidered stars.

They are different but all of them are rustic, nature inspired, traditional and small.
But, the most important thing, they are not too much eye-catching.
And so I said in my mind: "Hey, they are for people like me! These ornaments are for introverts!".

cornstarch clay ornaments with snowflakes

What about Christmas if you are introvert?

I'm not a very "Christmas person". Oh, no, I'm not the Grinch, I'm only and introvert girl! Proud of my introversion.

You can hear introverts saying that:
  • They don't like the wastefulness and the confusion of Christmas time
  • They don't feel great at crowded parties (even when only close family is involved)
  • They don't like to go out and spend entire afternoons looking for the right gift
  • They don't like bulky home decoration which steal part of their living space

I know that, probably, introvert people during Christmas time like better to:
  • spend a full afternoon at home, on the sofa, watching a good Xmas movie
  • cooking alone Xmas dishes for very "private" christmas lunches / dinners
  • avoid too much noisy things (like those Santa's puppets mechanically saying "OhOhOh")
  • enjoy some time of rest at home, dedicating themselves to hobbies and quiet activities
  • buy gifts on-line and not in real shops after hours and hours of wandering in crowded shopping centers
  • decorate their nest with gentle and not too much eye-catching ornaments

And it's probably because I'm introvert that I like to make all the little and "kind" Christmas ornaments you can find in my shop.

They don't occupy too much living space. 
They don't make noise or bling-blings of any kinds. 
You can buy them on-line if you want to offer a little gift to someone special (a very selected one, I presume).
They are perfect for a quiet, resting, loner and silent Christmas time in our precious cave, ehm, nest! :)

painted ornaments for christmas

What do you think?
Does my post sound odd, annoyng, Grinch-style? 
Is there something familiar for you in the introvert Christmas I depicted in this post?
(wait, are you introvert or extrovert? a free test for you) 

fabric bows for christmas

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