Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Little things are cute!

I love all little things!
They are so cute in their tiny perfection!

When I was a little girl I worked to a little doll's house: I realized the structure of the home with sheets of wood and all the furniture (armchair, tables, beds, paintings on the wall, mini-books...).
It was probably the first "important" crafty project I've done and it is still in my parents' home.

I'm still fascinated by miniature!
I often save some related links in my delicious (under the tag miniature). And what about Mairitales shop? So lovely!

And, going on talking about little things, don't you like bonsai trees?
My brother grows a conspicuous number of them and they often give us wonderful surprises like this azalea (a week ago)...

... or this tree (october 2009).

I also like working in little dimensions when I sew.
Mum and auntFran often say me that I realize bags too small for normal people. But, hey, it's my style and I'm always so pleased by the result that I go on in sewing little bags! :)
I love little accessories, they are adorable, in my opinion.
Last sunday I finished this cute little bag:
I used a sheet of recycled upholstery bag (do you remember that I realized other two bag with this material? If not... read here and here) and some cream recycled linen (from old clothes in perfect condition).
Yes, it's not only a small bag with little flowers, but it's also a 99% recycled bag (1% is the metallic botton). And probably you know how I love recycling!
The pattern is by Ithinksew (this one).
If you like this bag, you can read its complete description in my shop.

And speaking of little things, I believe that little joys are important in daily life. Last saturday I received a little surprised that made me so happy!!!
I won a bag! Eh, eh, I'm a lucky girl, I know! A super-cute corduroy bag, handmade by Ashley in USA, is now travelling the world to come to me in Italy! Ah, so funny! Thank you, Ashley!
And, girl, you make a lot of yummy things!

My dear readers, what kind of little things you like?


  1. What a wonderful surprise! :D Thank you so much ;) Well, I like all little things :D and I love your recycled purses and bags! Great creations! :D

  2. LLLOOOOOVE the little things! :D


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