Friday, 8 April 2011

Experimenting with new designs for moleskine case

I really like sewing cases and covers for moleskine notebooks.
They are little projects (if you compare them to making bags or clothes), you can use leftovers of fabrics and make something unique and stylish!
I know they are appreciated (probably because it's a kind of thing difficult to find in shops). Friends often ask me to make a cover for their journals and this fills me with joy! [Look what I realized for Chiara, Irene, Alice]

In the past I worked on two models of moleskine accessories: covers and cases. But I was searching for new designs to offer in my shop.
So yesterday I decided to try sewing a case with a zippered pocket and an envelope shape (as I've already done months ago).

Here's the result:

For this project I used microfiber, a synthetic tissue similar to suede, very soft and light to touch. I have some sheets of this materials in different tones (I find it in a big fabric shop near my village) and here you can see it in two colors: light brown and pale green (a green similar to jade's colors, or light olive).
I mixed them with a cotton fabric with a funny pattern of coloured bubbles on a sand background with white leeves.
I love it!

Please, write me what you think about this design: I need suggestions to improve my products!
Probably I'll do other experimentations on moleskine accessories next week.

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