Monday, 28 February 2011

The first damask bag is done!

And the second is coming! :)

I spent my free days sewing and experimenting with the recycled upholstery fabric I wrote about some days ago.
It is gorgeus!
It is soft, but sturdy at the same time (no interfacing need, yeah!).
It has bright colors, a  bit iridescent (they change when light changes, I hope to be clear enough).
And working with it it's so simple!
It's a good fabric (for example it doesn't move or change position under the sewing machine foot).

These photos show you the first bag I made with it. I used one of the salmon+gold sheets, because I have a lot of salmon fabric, perfect to match with it (I used it for the lining).

I designed the pattern, inspired by some other bags I made in the past.
I had to be particularly careful about measurements, because these sheets of tapestry have little dimensions.
I was so precise that I left upholstery fabric enough to make also a wide pocket for the inside.

I listed it in my shop and I wrote in its description that "colors and shape of this bag fit in many fashion styles, from romantic and "old style" to casual (if you match it with jeans and informal clothing)".
What do you think about my suggestion? Is this bag good for informal looks?

Well, this happy experience made me brave enough to cut my favourite sheet of recycled damask (it has little flowers), match it with other recycled materials (leather, hardware, fabric from old trousers) and make another bag. It came out so beautiful! And 100% recycled!!!
But I haven't photographed it yet, so, if you want to see it, you have to wait for tomorrow!

Please, leave a comment and say to me what you think about this bag and my experiments with recycling! 

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