Saturday, 26 February 2011

Planning my weekend

I usually work from tuesday to saturday morning, so my weekend goes from now (saturday afternoon, after a deep snap I took on the sofa, eh eh) to monday.
I always have big projects for my free days, but not always I succeed in make them active and gratifying. Probably a list will help me! :)

I'm a bit obsessed by making lists; I think that they are really useful!
I write them on my weekly planner, when they are about work, and on my moleskine notebook, if they concern all other activities of my life (craft, etsy, love and friends, projects for my new home, gardenind, cosmetics to try, book to get out of the library...).
Lists are useful not only because they help you to remember, but mainly because they "force" you to be mindful about your life.


1. See two special guys (my friends P. and M.) for a beer.

2. Write a page or two of my new zine.
I decided to write it in italian in the first place and then traslate it in english. I've already written four pages about plants' symbolism. These are two black and white illustrations I realized for it.
3. Sewing something with the beautiful sheets of italian damask I received from a friend who works as upholsterer. They were part of an old pattern book and he was going to throw them away, but I arrived and saved them! Recycling girl stroke again!
I washed them and ironed: they revealed bright colors under the dust!
I will sew bag and pouches with theme! I love second-hand craft materials!!!
I also have some recycled brown leather to match with them.

4. Reading!
I'm finishing "Clara and Mr. Tiffany" by Susan Vreeland. Uhm, it disappointed me a bit. I don't like the carachter of Clara and the plot is boring. I like the descriptions of the creative process in glass art, instead, but this is not enough for me to appreciate this book.

5. Drawing!

And you? Have you great plans for your weekend?
Feel free to share them with me!

1 comment:

  1. Lovely plans! :) And I just LOVE that new (old) damask... I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!

    Mmm... let's see: today I'm visiting a friend of mine to take pics of his shop and tonight Riccardo and I are meeting friends for a pizza; tomorrow I'm going to work on school programs&plans in the morning, and then after lunch (and I still have to decide what to cook!!) we're going to see my theatre group performing and maybe "Manuale d'amore 3" (I appreared there as an extra last November!)... it's too bad that the week-end's so short! :D


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