Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My new short-sleeved handknitted sweater

In this post I mentioned a new sweater I was knitting.
Mum bought the yarn for me some days after Christmas and I've started to work on it with the help of my aunt Franca (=Francesca).
She is an expert knitter, also fond of crocheting (you can say some bags she made for my shop here, here and here). She is a sort of teacher for me in this kind of crafts I don't know ery well.

We designed this sweater together, inspired by some models I found on Ravelry and bookmarked in my favourites.
She knitted for me the round collar and I made all the other parts.
This is the result: a short-sleeved sweater in one of my favourite colors!
It's not perfect, but I like it!
It's really warm, too, because it's made of high quality wool,

Yes, I know, this post needs a photo of me wearing it, but I really haven't had the time to make it. I'm having busy days at work and I'm always so tired!
I need to sleep! Have a restful night, my dear readers!!!

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