Thursday, 10 February 2011

Dinostamp (and my new way to use moleskine)

I haven't posted this stamp yet.
It's a dinosaur! And its name is... Dino (my dad's name, a common name in Italy).
I realized it in January and tested on my moleskine.

Testing stamp on my journal's pages is an habit I started in 2010 while I was unconsciously changing also my way to use moleskine journals.

In fact if I think to my previous journal I notice that it is mostly written.
This one, instead, is rich in other forms of expression and no-wordy way to document my life.
I filled it with drawings of objects of my life, sketches of bags to sew or doodles; I glued a lot of things on its pages, like beautiful images from magazines or scraps of fabrics I was sewing with; I also fixed a wonderful feather I found on the street and this part of the packaging of new yarn (I'll post the sweater I made with it soon!).
My journal became more visual and I like it!
Now this red moleskine is finished and I've already started a new one with black cover. I put it on its beautiful case I made in december.

A journal is friend walking with you during your days. It's patient and it's always ready to listen to you!

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  1. Supercute stamp! I've noticed this too, that the more creative I get the more images, clips and colours turns up in my written journal, though I still write a lot in it. yours looks lovely!


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