Sunday, 27 February 2011

Some yellow+green

My plans for this weekend are going great!
Probably tomorrow I'll post the first bag I realized with the recycled damask (yes, I've finished it yet!).
Yesterday evening I had so much fun with my friends: the date for a beer became a dinner together (pizza), followed by a full-of-laughs walk (I love them).
I've read some pages, planned my zine and surfing through my february photos. I noticed that I haven't posted yet two yellow+green images.

The firts one is a photo of a pencil case I made for me:
I'm a teacher and I always need pens, pencils and rubbers!
To make it I used vintage green and yellow fabric (made stronger with fusibile interfacing), zipper, upcycled black leather (a gift from my friend Matteo)
Do you like my latin books? :)
If you're interested in school and being a teacher, you can see my Etsy treasury titled "The secret desires of a teacher" :P

The second photo captures the first flower in my parents' garden: spring is coming! (well, spring was supposed to come some days ago, today we had rain and snow)

Green is one of my favourite colors. I don't know why, but I rarely use it in my crafts, as you can see looking at my shop or my flickr. I'll try to buy some fabrics in this color in the future!

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