Sunday, 19 June 2011

Batik n. 5 and n. 6

I made other four batiks, after my first try.
I decided to try something figurative, so in batik n. 3 and n. 4 I've depicted our castel's main tower and three flowers.
But I'm not here to show them to you, because they are not good (I made some mistakes with wax).
Batik n. 5 and n. 6, instead, satisfy me!

N. 5: Wild flowers under the rain

N. 6: A duck in a pond

I like the result, althoug there are some errors: the duck, for exemple, is too much white, it really needs some violet near the eye or in other parts.

I took also some photos before ironing them, when they still were covered by wax. This is how batik n. 5 was before removing wax, both at the front and on the back:

After removing wax you don't know exactly what you'll have and this is really exciting to me!

Now that I manage the technique I want to try batik in bigger dimensions. I've already found two lovely abstract motifs to try.


  1. This technique is so cool! :D

  2. I thought batik was just string on t-shirts that is dyed in the washer? But this is so cool, love the prints, great colours and fun motives!


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