Monday, 20 June 2011

Frames and stamps

When I made my rubber postage stamps, I had the funny idea to use them as frames for dates on my moleskine journals.
I usually start all my writings in it with the date and a tiny drawing (or a written note) about the weather of the day.
These things can stay inside a frame similar to a postage stamp; it is a cute idea.
The "stamp frame" gave me the need to give a frame to all the page and I realized it with other handcarved stamps I made in the past.
And then I filled the page with words, drawings and other stamps. Fun!

In these days I've also looked at mum's collection of postage stamps. Now she dedicates herself to different hobbies, but some years ago she had a real passion for pastage stamps, like a lot of italian people.
I've never appreciated her collection when I was a child, but recently my mind changed; I consider postage stamps a work of art in small scale. And tiny dimensions increase my love. This is a lovely butterfly from Cameroun:

Some stamps speak about the story of a country; look for example at these from ex-CCCP:

I'm happy mum collected them; I'm going to put my nose into her albums full of stamps tomorrow!

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