Thursday, 9 June 2011

MadameRenard's post office

Today, after lunch, I realized an idea I had some days ago: I carved two postage stamp's frames!

I really like all is about faux postal service, as artistamps (read this great Q&A in TangleCraft blog).
I worked on some of them last April, but my drawings were not really good.
Handcarved stamps, instead, today gave my great satisfaction and fun:)
One is rectangular and one is square.
They are really easy to make!

I've tested them in my moleskine journal, as usual.
I used them as frames for other little stamps I made last year of for drawings and writing.

The idea of a MadameRenard's Post office is so funny!
A post office in the woods, managed by a crafty fox.
A post office where odd postage stamps are printed everyday.
Why not? I'm allowed to dream! 

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