Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Poppies Shirley

Nine rainy and cold days: this is what we had here in the north of Italy in early June (and weather forecastings say that we're going to have rain till sunday).
All is wet and sky is grey.
So tonight I decided to light and warm up the day with two photos of my poppies Shirley I took in May, when weather was still sunny, hot and full of light.

They have a story.
Last year, in July, I purchased the zine "A bit of earth": it is about one of my favourite books, "The secret garden".
Together with the zine I received a little envelope with poppies shirley's seeds. Lovely idea!
But July wasn't the right month to plant poppies in Italy, because temperature is too high (we usually have poppies in May and June).
So I saved the seeds and I planted them last march in a small pot. And now... they are blooming!!!

The first I saw was light pink, the second was deep red. They are so delicate and small, different from wild poppies I'm used to see in wheat fields near home.

I know that poppies Shirley can be also white; I hope to find some white flowers in my pot one of these days!
But, hey, rain, go away! My poppies need light to bloom!

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