Monday, 6 June 2011

Blue and gold

Dark blue and gold is an interesting combination of colors!
This thought immediatly knocked to my mind when I saw my new recycled upholstery fabric (italian damask from an old pattern book, as usual) some weeks ago.
I received nine sheets, grouped in three patterns for three colors (dark blue, red, beige); the blue clothes became my favourite at once.

I converted it in a charming little bag.

I like the pattern of this fabric: it's classic and old style, but it's not boring. Those small fruits are lovely and the various movements of the leeves make it lively.
I designed a simple and casual model to make this bag more fashionable.
For a careful description you can read my shop's page (EDIT: SOLD to an australian buyer!).

This week I really worked on a lot of things (softies, bags, patchwork, photography, gardening...). All my days have been so rich and full!
I was at home alone and I really enjoyed my autonomy and being by myself (I need loneliness, I'm that kind of person).
My sweet friend Cristina suddenly came back home from Holland (where she lives now), because of her grandmother's death. A sad occasion, I know, but I was so happy to spend some time with my friend.
Two hours ago I said her "Goodbye" :(
Tomorrow the last week of school (=work) will begin and then... summer, holidays and big news for me and S.
Good night!

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