Thursday, 19 May 2011

Tutorial: patchwork wrist pincushion

Some days ago I started to think about all the hexagons I made last summer with paper piecing tecnique. I said myself that now it's the time to use them and I've started to think about funny little projects.

Why not a wrist pincushion?
I always moan that my old pincushion disappears under piles of fabric and patterns when I sew! A pincushion fastened to my wrist is simply perfect for me!

Now I'm going to explain how I made it. A sort of tutorial, in my not-so-perfect english (forgive me, I do my best).

STEP 1: Choose seven hexagons made following paper piecing tecnique (here you can find a clear video about it) and handstithc them together.
In the following photos you can see the front and the back of my panel (I was sewing in the garden).

STEP 2: Remove the paper and all needless thread and drawn a circumference with the diameter you like best. My circumference was approximately 9,5 cm in diameter (hexagons are 2,5 cm each side). Then cut a circle with the same diameter in a matching fabric.

STEP 3: Sew the strap, fixing velcro at its ends (misure your wrist before sewing, it's important). Then sew it to the fabric circle.

STEP 4: fold the strap, pin the two fabric circles together, sew and reverse. Then stuff the result (I use polyfill fibers).

STEP 5: Handsew the opening with invisible stitches and... ENJOY! :)

I hope you like my tutorial.
If you use it to sew your personal wrist pincushion, please, leave a comment.
I will be so happy to know that!
Well, probably this post isn't a real tutorial, but simply a list of instructions for people who already have basic sewing knowledges.
But I hope the same to inspire you!

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  1. Utile e carino!!!
    C'è una piccola sorpresa per te sul mio blog ^_^


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