Monday, 16 May 2011

Sunday afternoon

Warm weather definitely arrived, so yesterday I decided to reorganize my wardrobe putting away winter clothes and setting handy t-shirts, linen trousers and fresh skirts :)

Then I spent a few hours with auntFran choosing some old clothes to recycle and to make new craft material with.

We selected some t-shirts (blue, green and white with blue letters) and made balls of recycled t-shirt yarn (I photograohed them with the white&yellow ball I made last november).
We have a project about these: a summer bag for me, knitted (or crocheted) by my aunt, with a fabric lining made by me. I don't know exactly how it will be; auntFran realized samples using this yarn, one crocheted and one knitted.

I like best the knitted one, but before deciding I want to see another sample auntFran will make with a bigger crochet hook.

Then we started to unravel two old handmade cotton vests (they were too small for us and a bit out of fashion). Now we have four big balls of a good quality cotton thread, two in green and two in bright red. We have not projetcs about them. Probably we'll save them for future craft works, such as bags, as usual :)
Other things about my weekend:
- I worked the night between saturday and sunday as a tourist guide in my favourite museum. I love this kind of job, the particula art you can find there and my co-workers! I had a lot of fun
- My family and I dined out on sunday evening to celebrate my parents' 35th wedding anniversary. Good food and a lot of laughing, thanks to my cousins (they are auntFran's sons)


  1. Ops!...congratulazioni anche ai parents!

  2. Uvetta ho finalmente messo a posto il tuo nuovo link da me, così potrò tornare a visitarti con più frequenza :)
    Novità sulle uova di Felice?
    Buona giornata :*

  3. oh, si, grazie cara!!! torna!
    nessuna novità sulle uova. stanno lì, la temperatura (da ignorante) mi sembra perfetta: bel calduccio, ma niente sole a picco. speriamo :)


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