Thursday, 12 May 2011

Happy end :)

Do you remember my ill turtle Felice?
Yesterday the doctor visited her and decided to gave her an injection of oxytocin to force the eggs' laying.
As you can see in the photos... all went right! :)
I'm so happy!!!

Felice "gave birth" to these seven eggs. I was so anxious about her birth, because she was still weak. But she is a special turtle and she made a great work!!! She's my hero!

We decided to bury the eggs, following doctor's suggestions. We hope in some baby turtles' birth.

Their crib is this old basket full of sand and earth, covered by a metallic net.

Today Felice started to eat without help and went for a short walk on the grass. We have to help her for other seven days, but now we can say she is out of danger!!!
We love you, Felice, sweet turtle!!!


  1. Che bello!...attendiamo le foto dei nascituri e ovviamente congratulazioni a Felice!

  2. Si, se nasceranno i piccoli di certo vi ammorberò anche con un bel post su di loro :)


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