Saturday, 21 May 2011

A solo artist date: Arcimboldo's exhibition in Milan

Last thursday I had a whole free day from job, so I decided to visit an interesting art exhibition in Milan about the italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo.
I was alone, as suggested by Julia Cameron in her book "The artist way". I reallly enjoy time spent alone with my thoughts and emotions, expecially when I dedicate myself to inspiring activities like this.
I'm an historian of art and I dedicated my studies particularly to the art of north of Italy in the Renaissance, so I had a real interest in visiting this exhibition.

The exhibition is great! I've really appreciated it.
It shows not only Arcimboldo's works, but also a lot of things that help you to understand his artistic background: the building of Milan's cathedral, Leonardo's influence on painting and scientific studies, the imperial court of Vienna...
Arcimboldo's masterpieces are the so called "composed head": they are human heads made up by natural elements (fishes, flowers, vegetables, animals...) composed together with an incredible ability.
In this second photo you can see one of this painting ("Winter") represented as a big sculpture: it is in the square in front of the exhibit's location, Milan's Royal Palace.
This building is opposite to the Cathedral. In the same square I photographed this curious art installation by Mimmo Paladino. I really like these photos, but (I have to be honest) not much this work of art.

Well, I'm so happy about this trip! So inspiring and rich in contents!
The same day I visited two special friends (they are brother and sister to my boyfriend, S.) that gave me other sheets of recycled damask for future bags.
And I've also bought two new moleskine notebook, but I'll show you them tomorrow.

And you?
Do you like this kind of activities for you free time?


  1. Kia ora MadameR! Interesting post. The vegetable works of art I have seen before, but I didn't know much about the artist. I love to frequent art galleries too, sadly ours is still closed following an earthquake, but in three weeks time when it re-opens I'll be waiting on the doorstep!
    lovely blog x

  2. Io amo molto le mostre!...non ricordo bene perchè ma l'Arcimboldo è legato alla città di Praga...ho una vera passione per Caravaggio, Klimt e Tamara Delempiska (mi sa che non si scrive così)

  3. Max... thank you! Your blog is lovely, too! :)

    Silvia... si, Arcimboldo fu chiamato a Vienna alla corte imperiale, poi per una serie di giri nell'impero alcune sue opere andarono a finire a Praga (e quando gli svedesi arrivarono... portarono alcune opere in svezia).

  4. Ma l'installazione di Paladino è quella della montagna di sale? La stessa che dopo la festa dei milanisti hanno dovuto mettere di nuovo a posto?
    Come ho scritto da me, capisco nulla di arte, ma preferisco decisamente l'Arcimboldo!!!

    Baci :)

  5. Si, si, giusto.
    anche io l'ho scritto: preferisco Arcimboldo :)


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