Sunday, 22 May 2011

Le petit prince - Moleskine notebooks and other things related

What a wonderful novel is "Le petit prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupery!
I'm in love with it. I read it at least five times, finding always something new and deep hidden between words.

You can easily imagine that, when I knew that Moleskine had printed a series of notebooks dedicate to this book, I started to desire to buy one copy for me!

And the occasion came last thursday, when I was in Milan to visit Arcimboldo's art exhibition.
I bought a plain notebook (white pages, no squares or lines) in regular size.
This is a strange (but intentional) choice for me. I usually buy these notebooks in pocket format, because they are small and light to carry in my bag. But now I desire a large space to write in (and glue my fabric's samples, tickets, images I like...).
Also the choice of white pages is intentional, because (as I've written here) my journals are becoming visual day after day, so I like to have white pages to drawn in, instead of my beloved squares (I like write on squares, not on lines).

This notebook is lovely.
The cover is black, as usual, but with a delicate drawing of the little prince on his tiny planet with volcanos :) and a famous quote from the book.
The inside is decorated, too, and in the back pocket I found a printed cardboard: you can cut it and make a 3D scene with the little prince and the fox! Funny!

The same day I bought a watercolor notebook in regular size. I don't need it, because I already have the pocket size version, but I'll save it for the future.

Talking about my love for "Le petit prince", I have to add these notes:
- some weeks ago I've created an Etsy treasury about this book; please, follow the link and let me know what you think!
- I have a notebook based on its characters: my friend Michela bought it for me in Germany and I wrote on it my strange dreams (seldom).
- I like to photograph all I find about this book; in my last trip to the seaside I felt in love with this painted ceramic square:

- When I was younger I was a scout. We read the whole book during a route on italian mountains and our chief gave us a t-shirt handpainted with the little prince's image. I save it religiously, because it recalls me sweet and adventurous moments in nature, with my dear friens and a great book!

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  1. La poesia che c'è in questo libro meraviglioso! come solo le cose semplici e pure sanno candore del protagonista sembra essere anacronistico in una società come la nostra...purtroppo:(


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