Thursday, 26 May 2011

A pillow in a box

...a plastic box coming from the supermarket. It was for little tomatoes.
Ok, let me explain you how a pillow can enter in a box :)
It is my may project: I'm sewing a patchwork pillow like this
Well, similar to it, I am not so skilled to make a smart work like that.
But I can try (my motto is "Do it the same"). A pillow with cute little hexagons, handstitched patiently by me in my free moments... love it!

To avoid my (usual) mess I decided to put everything I need in a box: a spool of thread, needles, scissors, paper hexagons, pre-cutted fabrics and finished hexagons waiting to be attached together.
I found it a simple but useful idea, also because it allows me to go sewing in the garden with everything I need collected in a small and light box.

In the secondo photo you can see some hexagons I made. Aquamaryne, brown and sand hexagons are recycled: I used fabric leftovers from old clothes (auntFran's linen dress, mum's skirt and dad's trousers). I'll match these plain fabrics with other clothes with assorted colors and patterns. The main tones of this pillow will be brown, pale green and sand.
I love these colors.
I started to sew the hexagons together.
I decided not to follow a pattern but to mix them following what my taste suggests me hexagon after hexagon.
I'm not sure this is a good choice, but it's my first big patchwork project and I want to make some experiments.
I'm making this pilllow for my future home: I have no ideas about our armchair's colors, but I'm sure it will look great with this made-with-love-pillow! :)

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  1. Oh, I love your color combination and stitching by hand is so relaxing and meditative. Project in a box is a great idea. xox Corrine


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