Saturday, 28 May 2011

Simple pleasures

"I get so excited when I open up my little mailbox and it's full of zines and such.
Good mail always cheers me up"
Jen William in Simple pleasures

"Simple pleasures" is a lovely little zine written and illustrated by Jen Williams, known in the web as "Squidhead".
I received it in the mail  some days ago and I felt as descripted in the quote above: so excited!
It was an incredible hot afternoon here in Italy and reading it, after job, it was so relaxing! I bought it with her mini-comic "The gentleman octopus" (funny!).

This is not the first zine I purchase from Jen: last february I received her "Handmaiden's voyage" n.1 and n.2 and they both were really cute! :)

"Simple pleasures" is about everyday happiness.
Jen wites (and draws) about some things she is happy for in her daily life (craft, animals, favourite recipes, music, readings and so on).
Her style is so spontaneus and fresh! I love it! And her ability in cut&paste tecnique, too.

The page in the photo is my favourite. It really speaks to my soul of crafty girl always looking for something new to learn and experiment.

I received the zine in an envelope with a funny and full-of-love sticker. Jen also sent me a card with a warm message to me: it is in my moleskine now.
Thank you, Jen, for sending me, together with your zine, kindness, inspirations and good cheer :)

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