Saturday, 19 February 2011

Six zines in the mail, this week! Yes, six!!!

There is a special thing to do to restore your brain and body when you come home from work and you feel tired: reading something that can inspire new ideas and fresh energy!
This is what I did during this hard week, particularly because I received six zines, four from Katie and two from Jen!
Yes, six!!! Can you believe it? Six zines in a week. Oh, I love them all!

Tonigh I want to write a tiny rewiev about them.

The green bean - issues 1, 3, 4, 7

Last January I won a 20 $ voucher to spend in Katie's shop.
She writes and illustrates a beautiful zine that I bookmarked in my favourites some months ago. So you can imagine my joy when I realized to have 20 $ to spend for purchasing them! I'm a lucky girl, I know!
Well, I ordered four issues (1, 3, 4, 7) of "The green bean" and I received them a week later my purchase (Katie is really a kind girl and fast in shipping).

These are photos of my favourite pages of issue 1.
I really like her style: the thin lines, the attention for details, the interesting sense for black and white.
In this zines Katie speaks about her world and shares with us some tutorials and recipes. I've particularly enjoyed all the books' reviews, the "what I wore" sections, and the shopping guide of Bristol (mainly in drawings, of course).

Handmaiden - issues 1 and 2
I discovered Jen's zines surfing through Etsy pages in January and I purchased both issues she has in her shop.

Jen's zines are different from Katie's.
There is less space for drawings and more for text (and I like to have words to read!) and they are made with the traditional cut&paste tecnique.
I love the way she uses this tecnique, particularly when she paste the text on decorated backgrounds, as you can see in the following photos.

She inspired me to try some cut&paste pages; I've always snubbed this possibility, because I had no idea of the beautiful effects you can reach with it. But now... I have to try!
Jen's zines inspired me also to "take it easy" in this kind of activities, and I needed it.
I like in particularly that she speaks about recycle, thrift, ways to be greener in our daily life and simple crafts. These are subjects so ... "MadameRenard style"!

And now...
Now I'm waiting for another zine: the famous "Christmas digest" by Diane Gilleland. I hope it will be soon in my home.

If you are interested in zines like me...
... here you can find a post about the zines I've read (and wrote) in 2010
... have you any zine to suggest me?

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