Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pink room shoes for a romantic little girl

Can I be a bit immodest today and say that I love the pink room shoes I made? I placed them near my bed last sunday and I can't stop to look at those tiny pink slippers!

I realized them thanks to a pattern I bought from an etsy shop called 'Winterpeach'. It's easy to follow and rich in explicative photos.
These room shoes are my first test of this pattern (a sort of prototype).
I decided to use some scraps of fabric from my (too big) stash.
The pink one with white dots is one of my favourite fabrics; my mum bought it in a local shop when I was 8-9 years old (now I'm 33). It has a vintage look, it's delicate and high-quality.
The dark brown fabric I used for the lining is recycled (it was a skirt) and the same can be said for the pink velvet of the soles (I can't remember what it has been before).
My intentions were to give them to my "niece" Chiara, but they turned out too little for her (the pattern is written with american sizes, different from those we have here in Europe, so I made a mistake). So probably tomorrow I'll list them in my Etsy shop.

Recently I made also a pair of these slippers for woman, following another pattern I bought from winterpeach shop (this two patterns are similar: only sizes change, but the process to make them the same). You can see them in this photo:
Do you like the multi-coloured fabric I udes for the lining? My friend Cristina gave me it at Christmas. She bought it in Holland, in the city where she lives now (I miss her so much!). I really like it!

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