Thursday, 20 January 2011

A giraffe watching the fog

We are having cold and foggy days here in the north of Italy. Winter is an hard seasons for me, because I am that kind of person who love sun, light and warm (even hot) days.
However, I try to do my best to enjoy it and to find something beautiful even in winter. Well, I think that fog is beautiful. It's scary, too, and dangerous when you are driving you car, but it fascinates me for its particular light the and soft atmosphere it creates.

Probably also this my new friend, a flowered giraffe, thought the same things yesterday, when we were watching the fog from my bedroom's windows.
Do you like it?

If you want to sew this giraffe, you can find pattern and instructions here.
It's really a simple soft toy to sew, if you have some experience with this kind of sewing works.
Consider that it needs a lot of stuffing material (I used polyfill), because the legs and the neck have to be stuffed a lot to stay rigid and straight.
Probably the next time I'll make a little change in the pattern: it says to leave an opening (for turning right-side out and stuffing) on the belly. But in this way I found some difficulties making the final seams by hand (it's a curved part and there are four legs near); probably the next time I'll leave the opening in the neck or in another straight part.

I made the tail with some of the yarn I'm using to make a pullover for me.

It has a threatening gaze, but I'm sure it's a nice and good giraffe :)

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