Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Moleskine covers with vintage fabrics

Yesterday I showed you my new pincer for metallic snaps; in the photo I was finishing something: do you want to see what I was working on?
Mairi has guessed: moleskine covers! :)

I designed a new model last saturday and realized two exemplars.
For them I used the same pattern by me and the same materials:
- black cotton fabric
- white cotton fabric for the lining (made stronger by fusible interfacing)
- metallic snaps
- elastic thread (for the pen holder)
- vintage coloured fabric (in green and in pink)

Let's talk about vintage fabrics! They are parte of my family's collection.
My auntF gave me the green one: she bought it probably in the last years of the 70s and used a lot, so now we have only small scraps. This fabric has a simple design of white squares. I love it, also because green is one of my favourite colors.
The pink one has a pattern of white dotted waves, very particular. I remember when mum bought it, in the 80s, from a big shop in Lodi that closed a decade later :(
As usual, you can find detailed description of them in my shop: here for the black&pink one, here for the black&green.
Let me know if you like them and which you prefer!

This is a photo of a sketch with measurements I made for me in my moleskine cahier notebook (do you remember this?)

Well, it is completely in italian and probably not so clear, but perhaps it can help some crafter who want to try make moleskine covers like me!
Write me, if you try!


  1. Sono carinissime!!! E poi io adoro le moleskine ^_^

  2. Wonderful covers and mix of materials. I like that snap setter, looks like it makes the job much easier. xox Corrine

  3. Thank you for your appreciation, girls! :)


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