Monday, 18 April 2011

New toy :)

Romantic pink nails and a rough heavy tool... yes, it's me :)

I have a new toy for my sewing: this pincer for metallic snaps.
I've bought it two weeks ago and I'm really satisfied. In the last two years, before purchasing it, I've fixed metallic snaps with a little plastic holder and a hammer. I had to go in our garage, also in freezing winter, and hope not to shoot my fingers.
But now, oh, now I sit in my living room crafty room and fix metallic snap comfortably.
Together with this pincer I've bought a set of 250 metallic snaps (yes, 250) and a bag of 50 magnetic button like these I sell in my shop.

I made this purchases from an italian shop dedicated to accessories and utilities for shoes and bag. I'll surely buy also black metallic snaps, next time!
They sell in big quantity to shops (in fact I had the possibility to buy thanks to my cousin Paolo who runs a shoes ans bags shop), but probably they are open to sell also to private crafters.
They are really inexpensive: a set of 50 metallic buttons is about 12 € (0.24 € each), but you have to buy the whole set, of course, and I know that this is not an ideal situation for all people.
A particular I like about their products is that they have no writing on the surface: they are absolutely free from company names and I think this is a good feature for tools used in in handmade projects.

A question for you: what I'm finishing in the first photo?
Tomorrow I'll show you!


  1. it seems a great tool :) In the first photo I think you're working on a new pocket moleskine ;) The pink one that I love, isn't it? :D

  2. tool are never enough for a crafter!
    Have fun with it!


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