Sunday, 17 April 2011

Great projects for Easter holidays

Easter holidays are coming!
I'll have only one day of work (tuesday) and then there will be a whole week of holidays for me! :)
S. will come to stay with me for four days and next friday I'll celebrate my 34th birthday.

But before talking about my holidays project, let's say something about these flowers I picked up this morning in my parents' garden. Aren't they lovely?
Italian name of this flower is "mughetto"; I've looked for its english name in a dictionary and I found "lily of the valley". Oh, what a fabolus name!
I repet it in my name every now and then... "lily of the valley"... poetic!

My projects for these long holidays to come - a list

- finish my new moleskine covers with vintage fabric
- sew a bag for Matteo's mum with the recycled leather she sent me
- sewing other softies like these (they are perfect for Easter)
- spend some days with S. in a beautiful place here in Italy (I'll wrote a blog post)
- have a funny Easter lunch with S. and all my family
- visit some special friends when S. is here
- go to the cinema and watch "La fine è il mio inizio" with S.
- finish to read "The great stink" by Clare Clark
- read my new craft books I've ordered from (I hope they will arrive before my birthday)
4) ME
- buy a new pair of pendant earrings
- go for a bicycle race in the country
- celebrate my birthday with a romantic dinner
- bake bread and homemade pizza

And you, my dear readers?
Have you great projects for Easter?

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  1. I'm celebrating mum's 60th birthday tomorrow, and I'll bem taking part in a short film which will be shooted in my school during holidays. Then I'm starting my seasonal part-time job next week end. I'm going to be more tired than before at the end of the holidays! :D


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