Tuesday, 14 February 2012

It used to be a t-shirt

I crocheted a basket for my bedside table, because I wanted something (pretty) to put some objects in during the night (watch, earrings, rings, lip balm...).
And to realize it ... I recycled an old t-shirt! :)

I've cutted it and obtained a ball of thread, as I've done sometimes before.
And I've crocheted it, without a pattern, simply watching where the work was going and adjusting it.
Then I added some details (handles and a decorative center button) with a tiny fabric sample with a lovely pattern of flowers in my favourite colors (mint green, brown, mustard and beige).

Ins't it pretty on my dark brown night table?

The result, though a bit imprecise, makes me very happy!
I've realized it in three evenings, while watching tv with S. working with this thread is simple, but it gave me some pain to my hand, because it's stiff and strong.

Other things made of t-shirt yarn:
- beige and blue coin purse
- striped tote bag
- handbag for AuntFran


  1. Perhaps "a bit imprecise", but definitely cute! Enviable technique anyway!

  2. good work Madame...so clever to use leftover bits for a new creation...I like it...

  3. Thank you, girls! :)
    I'm happy you like it!


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