Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Some photos I took this week

I have so many things to blog about in these days!
School is out for summer, so I don't work and I have a lot of time for art&craft experiments, for reading, exploring the garden and take photos of .... everything.
Yaeh! :)
So many things to say that... today I decided to write a post where photos will help me to tell you about all is filling my life now.

I'm a lucky girl
I won a beautiful set of cards from PaintedFishStudio thanks to Carina's giveaway!
I know, this is the third giveaway I won this year. Lucky girl!

The cards arrived really well-packed; they looked so professional!
And Jen sent me also a cute and funny gift: a red fish able to tell something about your fortune.
When it was on my hand it said that I'm in love! :)

Thank you, Jen!
Your cards are lovely, the fish is so cute and your service is really good!

Amazing succulents
My dad grows succulents in the garden. It has a sort of collection (140 vases, I'm not joking!). In this period of the year they gave us amazing big and colorful flowers. Look at the following photos: aren't they incredible?

Hallo world, this is me
I took some photos of me. The one with mustache is for Etsy Italia Team (we have a lot of fun, great team!). The other one shows me reflected in a car's roof.

Recycling with AuntFran. Ops, we did it again :)
We made a second bag with recycled t-shirt yarn (here you can find the first bag). This is made of one dress and one big t-shirt. Knitted by my aunt. I've added a fabric lining with two pockets. Do you like it?

 I planned to write blog posts about:
- postage stamps, real and faux
- me walking toward art journaling (a sort of)
- new damask bags (and bike bags, too)
- batik
So, stay tuned!


  1. Ma hai gli occhi chiari! non so come mai, ma ti immaginavo in possesso di un paio di occhi color nocciola!
    Sono passata a dirti che ho dato il tuo contatto (sia blog che shop etsy) a una ragazza carinissima che faceva l'hostess a Pitti: ha visto il tuo porta-biglietti da visita e le è piaciuto, credo che ti contatterà appena finirà la manifestazione. Un baciotto! :*

  2. Anche il mio cactus è fiorito!!
    complimenti al papà


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