Thursday, 18 August 2011

From the past: recycled t-shirt yarn turned in a coin purse

Do you remember when auntFran and I recycled a lot of old t-shirts into yarn to crochet or knit?
Well, we made also a little coin purse. I've always forgotten to show it to you, but today I've found some photos of it I took last June.

This coin purse is 100% recycled, because is made of:
- t-shirt yarn
- linen from old clothes (lining) 
- zipper saved from an old pair of trousers

The coin purse is now in my pile of finished objects waiting for their destination. Nobody is using it, right now. I'm thinking about uploading it in my shop, but I'm dubious. It's really well-made, but probably nobody is interested in purchasing this kind of little-handmade-recycled purses.

As usual, my aunt Francesca crocheted the yarn and I sewed the fabric lining.
I really miss our collaboration, now that I'm so far from home. I hope we can make something together when I'll come back home to visit my parents. Probably a bag or something similar.

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