Saturday, 20 August 2011

An explosion of colors in my new fabrics

Look at this photo!

What you see is a part of the pile of new fabrics I've received by my friend Vincenzo.
He's becoming an important guest of this blog, don't you think?
He is the upholsterer who gave me damask's clothes from old pattern books coming from his workshop last february (I've turned it into some bags I've happily sold in my shop; the last one is still available here).

Some weeks ago he gave me two big bags full of high quality and colorful fabrics: some of them are part of pattern books, some are leftovers from his works (curtains, kitchen's accessories...). They aren't "old style" like the damask, but have a modern and fresh look.
All of them (and this is the important part of the thing for me) will not finish in a garbage can (as their destinywas supposed to be): I'm going to recycle them and to give them a new life as bags or accessories!
I like in particular these two series, because of the assortment of colors and the characteristic patterns they have.

Very little dimensions, however! Working with them probably will be a little creative challenge!

In the pile I also found some synthetic sheets with amazing patterns and colors, perfect for autumn:

And some cotton sheets probably I'll use for my kitchen (the white and brown one is perfect to be turned into a table runner in my white and wengè kitchen):

I've also found some sheets of damask, but in softer colors than the previuos, some small pieces of red faux leather and a lot of silk (in orange, champagne and beige; some clothes have flowers embroidered).
I've never used silk for my works before. I'm not sure how to sew it, but I really like it and I'm thinking to something elegant to do with it (for weddings? maybe!).

Some recycling joy is coming for me! Happy and lucky girl! Yeah! :)

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