Wednesday, 24 August 2011


... washing, folding and saving my new fabrics to recycle: eye-candies, beautiful colors and interesting textures. And a lovely floral scent everywhere!

... preparing a sewing corner in my new home: my sewing machine finally arrived by car thanks to a friend (a travel 1200 km long!) and I arranged a corner of one of our (almost empty) bed-rooms to sew in it (an old little table, a plastic stool). I'm getting ready a box for my tools, too.

... picking and drawing some wild grass: not so simple as it seems!

... starting a new sewing project for my shop: a little cream and ivory bag.


  1. Seems like a perfect day to me!

    I love this post. Makes me want to relax and just enjoy what is all around me at the moment.

    thank you!

  2. love your coin purse,.... my favourite farm animal is the horse,.....such a collection of fabrics to inspire you....happy sewing!

  3. All this looks absolutely cute... great idea!!


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