Sunday, 28 August 2011


In my last post I've written about a new bag I was making with my new recycled fabrics. Well, I made two :)
I experimented with a particular glossy fabric I have in different colors (I picked up two clothes, white and brown). It is an elegant tissue, glossy, with embossed stripes and stylized leaves. I like it!
These fabrics (part of upholstery pattern books) haven't big dimensions, so I can sew only small/medium bags (they are my favourite, anyway; for me it's not a limit, it's what I like to make and wear).
I mixed them with another recycled fabric (cream with a light pattern of leaves and flowers).
I made two 100% recycled bag. It's totally my style!

The first bag is pearl and ivory (available here):

The second is white and brown (available here):

I worked on two different designs, adapting my usual models to the fabric's feature. What bag do you like best?

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