Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Too much figs? Make jam!

We have a lot of figs now.
A lot.
Friends and relatives are giving us baskets of these fruits they pick up in their gardens (so they are organic, too). So tasty!
We like to eat them, but they are really too much for me and S., so I decided to make jam and preserve their deliciousness (I'm not sure about this word's existence) for next winter.
I like this kind of activities.
It can be tiring, sometimes, I know, but it gives me real satisfaction. In autumn I really enjoy to see the jars of preserved food I've realized during summer. Not only jam, but also tomato sauce, pesto, jars of dried italian spices (oregano, basil, rosemary, ho pepper...).
It's a way not to waste planet's resources (a drop in the ocean, I know, but it's important for me).
Yesterday I made 6 jars of jam (some big, some little).
And today... a yummy breakfast for me :)

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