Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The moon, mount Etna and other beautiful things

Last friday S. and I were travelling towards a village near the seaside to spend some days of holiday with two special friends. We were in the car when we arrived near mount Etna, the tallest sicilian (and european) volcano, and saw a beautiful landscape.
A silver and bright moon was looking Etna's top; sunset made pink the smoke coming from the volcano and all around was purple and blue.

During these three days of holiday we lived in a beautiful apartment with a big balcony. In the following photo you can see what we could see every evening from it.
A giant moon over Nebrodi mountains.
Sometimes nature is so beautiful!

And what about the sea? Look:

S. and I, together with our friend, have swum in this blue sea lookin to Eolie islands.
I'm so thankful that nature is so beautiful! And I'm lucky to live here, close to these lovely places!

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