Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Coloured Dala horses in my journal

Some days ago S. and I bought a set of crayons for our little niece Chiara (4 years old). The project (the hope) is to leave them in our home, so when Chiara will come to visit us she will be quiet for a minute or two making and colouring a drawing.
A set of new colors in my home... uhm,  I couldn't resist! I used them. I know, they are for my niece, ok, but a little test don't make me a bad aunt. Or not?
Aniway, I used them for some coloured Dala horses.
I tested my handmade stamp with black ink and I embellished them with bright colors (I wanted a page full of creative joy).
Then I wrote a title: "Dala horses... in many colors". As I wrote this words, I remembered a post by Hanna with the same title.
Funny! :)
Probably I can consider my journal page a sort of answer to Hanna's post.
Making this super-simple page has been important for me. I noticed how I miss colors in my new life. I want to buy watercolors and brushes soon. And other art&craft materials, of course!


  1. I don't know why I haven't ever thought to use color when sketching in my journals! You have inspired me to place a set of colored pencils where I usually write! Thank you!

    And your Dalas are beautiful. Thank you for being a part of the Craftalong.

  2. Love your horses! Colouring can be so much fun for grown ups too, I do it sometimes. And it's fun to colour the same shape in different styles to see how different they come out! :-)


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