Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lovely fabric samples from Hong Kong

I spent the weekend (and monday, too) with my parents. They came to visit me in my new home and town for the very first time! A very important thing for me and, I suppose, for them, too.
We had four lovely and funny days exploring Sicily together! Quality time for me, this weekend, happy me!

Mum put in her suitcase some things for me; among them I found a little present from my brother's girlfriend (a young fashion designer who works in Milan): a selection of fabric samples coming from Hong Kong *___*

Ooooh, so lovely!!! And there are other of them at mum's home waiting for me :)
They have floral patterns in particular tones. Two of them have dots (I love dots!). Some are strong fabrics, some are sheer, similar to veil.

One has glitters:

Some of them are so tiny:

I like all of them! They are perfect for my patchwork projects, for softies and for small accessories! :)

Mum also brought to me two printed patterns for making slippers (I've cutted today in the morning), a magazine about knitted bags and some sewing supplies.

During this "family weekend" I've also sold one of my fabric bracelets. I made three of them and only one (the prototype) is still available in the shop. So I'm going to sew other bracelets this afternoon.
A bad cold is bothering me today, I need to comfort me with some sewing! :)

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