Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Art is life. Life is art. Do you agree?

When my parents were here to visit me, we spent some time in the beautiful city of Catania. It's amazing! In this city you can find roman and greek ruins near baroque churches and medieval buildings (partially damaged by heartquackes and re-built), a volcano (Mount Etna) and a lovely and clean sea.
I like Catania :)

Walking through its big and tiny streets, I found two garage gates that spoke to my heart:

I don't know who made them, but I've really appreciated his/her art act :)
I'm thinking about these two mottos and what they represent for me. I'm sure that "Life is art" is true; nature, human and not-human life, feelings and thoughts... all these things live in a way I find "artistic", like a concerto of a big orchestra.
I'm not sure about "Art is life", I can only say that "Art is IN MY life". And probably will be till the end.
I've started as a little girl who loved drawing and writing all the time. Then my "artistic life" suggested me to study history of art at university and work in museums and art exibitions. At the same time I began a crafter, a curious person who likes to dedicate her free time to some manual arts like sewing, knitting, crocheting and more. And drawing is still my favourite way to express myself.
I guess where my artistic life will bring me in the future.
And art is in my life also because I live in Italy, when every little village has artistic marks that speak about the particular story of my nation. I'm so lucky!

Please, write a comment about this theme. Life is art? Art is life? What do you think? I will be very happy to read your thoughts.


  1. Sono quelle cose che ti cambiano la giornata e non solo, delle piccole rivelazioni che ti parlano all'animo. :)

  2. Belle come frasi, però non sono d'accordo. La vita non è arte e l'arte non è vita. Possono contenersi l'una nell'altra, ma non possono sovrapporsi del tutto. Entrambe sono molto di più.

  3. Hummmm..... I am sort of where you are with this - Life is art - yes in many, many ways - a person could write a whole book about the art of living. But I am not so sure art is life. Art certainly depicts life - that has always been so. And art is life for the artists (which include you and me) among us for art is the way in which we express the life spark that is in us. But while life is art 100% of the time, art is not life 100% of the time.

    So i would love your thoughts about that!


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