Friday, 18 November 2011

A 100% recycled table runner for my kitchen

There's a colorful new thing in my kitchen.
It's 100% handmade and 100% recycled.
It's a table runner :)

To make it I used a big sheet of a fabric sample (part of a pattern book my friend Vincenzo couldn't use anymore in his shop).
This fabric is made of linen and synthetic fibers and generally used for kitchen curtains. I found it perfect for me: its colors match perfectly with my kitchen furniture (dark brown and white).
I cut it in two and make the "quilt sandwich": between the two sheets of fabric I put a sheet of foam originally used as part of the packaging of my bedroom's furniture. No new materials wasted for this project!

To give it a "quilted look" I simply stitched a straight line following the perimeter of the rectangles the fabric already had (it is a printed cloth).
Then I stitched other two lines, parallel to the first. Easy :)

This was my very first time in finishing quilt edges.
I followed a tutorial I found in Elizabeth Artman's book "Practical guide to patchwork" (a lovely book I've ordered and read last july); you can find this method also here. I finished the quilt with another sheet of recycled fabric in burgundy.

A simple project, not perfectly made, but perfect to bright up my kitchen :)


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