Monday, 14 November 2011

I've neglected my blog, but I've made something new!

The "too busy for blogging" days are still here!
I'm not happy to know that my blog is so neglected by me! I like writing in it and share my little world to my readers. But days seem so short this november. I can understand why I suddendly have no time to sew, write, read, make photos... oh, stop complaining!
To be honest I had some time to make something new for the "small accessories" section of my shop: fabric brooches!
They are:
1) A fish :)

2) A heart with a key charm:

They both have on the back a pin I've bought from a lovely italian Etsy shop: Artenius. The charm is purchased from Etsy, too.
These brooches are a perfect project if you have a lot of fabric scraps to use (like me) and are funny to make. Some problems with zigzag finishing if you are not an expert, but they haven't to be perfect!
I'm planning to make other brooches soon, probably butterflies and a medieval lady I've already designed in my mind. If you have suggestions ... write a comment! :)
I've setted the price at 7$: is it the right price? Can you give me your opinion?

I've also finished a second fish brooch, the green one you can see in this photo:

Unfortunately it came out with some imperfections, so I decided not to sell it. Probably it will be part of a giveaway soon!

Other things I made recently (blog posts to come):
- a runner for my kitchen table
- a (almost finished) page in my watercolor journal, totally about autumnal fruits


  1. Your brooches are adorable. And i think you are asking a very fair price for them. Definitely remake the green design as it is lovely.

    Along with the butterflies, you might try a few dragonflies! Oh and cats!

  2. Love the heart! :)


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