Monday, 7 November 2011

Busy and rainy days

Busy days here!
A lot of time spent with family and friends, cleaning the home, purchasing new lamps and fixing them on the walls, shopping and other funny things that kept me far from my blog.

We had a lot of rain (and darkness and a strange cold and wet weather), too, but less than in the north of Italy, where (probably you already know) different floods caused a terrible devastation and death :(
We are so sad about these accidents! You can read in Etsy Italia Team blog an article about Five lands' flood (oh, the photos in this post! :( ) and how the members decided to help.

Yesterday sun came back here in Sicily (but rain didn't leave the north, unfortunately) and we woke up with an exciting new: our nephiew's birth :)
It's a lovely and tender baby!!! I'm an aunt!!! :)

Last week I spent some hours with my sewing machine and finished some projects I've started weeks ago. I want to show them to you; please, forgive the bad quality of these photos (you know... inusual darkness and little time).

I've sewn a small bag for our niece (a lovely 28 years old girl), made of a modern green upholstery fabric. Pattern here.

I received a Roberto Cavalli bag from Lory. She couldn't use it anymore, because it was damaged in some parts, so she gave it to me to recycle all the undamaged parts. I saved four strong metallic rings, two zippers, the whole lining and two sheets of a very soft faux leather (white).
To thank my friend for this gift I made a zippered case with part of the leather and a cell phone cover for her husband (brown authentic leather).

I've also finished a bag for me! :)
A crossbody bag made of leftovers of fabric (from another bag I made for a girl who recently contacted me for a custom order). I really like that ikea fabric with leaves and fruits! Design by me (I tried to make something different from my usual bags and I'm quite satisfied).

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  1. So much sadness and happiness in such a short space of time.

    Congratulations auntie!

    I love all the bags you have shared, but especially the bag you made for yourself. I love that Ikea fabric too and the shape and design of the bag is perfect for the pattern. I have a bag I made using a similar bag design and it is by far my favorite! i have turned all my other bags into carryalls for knitting projects!


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