Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Better photography!

I'm experimenting a lot with photography, this autumn!
I'm not an expert and skilled photographer, though I've followed two photography classes when I was younger (but it was before digital era, a lot of things have changed!). I haven't a complex and professionale camera, but a simple little compact digital camera.

But, as I wrote in Carina's interview, my motto is "Do your best whith what you have": reaching interesting results is possible if you know and use wisely your tools, even a little compact camera.
In september I followed a free on-line course based on my same idea, written by an italian phtographer, Luciana Ognibene (Flickr, Blog).
It's totally in italian (sorry for my not-italian readers!) and I found it usefull and well-written.

Luciana wrote three lessons: "Common errors", "Light", "Background". I found particularly interesting for me the parts about white balance, flash, blurred background and composition.
I did my homework and I've experimented what I was learning by re-making all the (ugly!) photos of my on-sale supplies.

... before (me and my parents' balcony reflected in the gold parts, not good composition, "laminated" colors):
... after (softness, no unwanted reflections, better composition):

... before (boring composition and a terrible blue light!):
...after (correct white light, better composition):

... before (ugly background):
... after (light! and a proper background):

... before (flat light, colors without brightness, unwanted reflections):
...after (brigtness!):

Take a look to my photography set :)
I've arranged it on the desk of my old bedroom in my parents' home.
A white curtain screening the summer light (to the right); white paper (without folds!) supported by adhesive tape and a big soft monkey (funny!); an aluminium box to reflect light (to the left): a tripod.
This works!  It's enough! :)


  1. Complimenti!
    Le tue foto sono migliorate molto!
    Anche io ho scaricato lo stesso interessantissimo corso...adesso devo solo trovare il tempo per studiarlo e applicarlo...

  2. Love your advice - do the best you can with what you have - because it is so true. Many "professional" photographers i know have the idea that they need fantastic equipment to make good images. The bottom line is they don't. They do need a little know how, a few tricks and a good eye. Cameras are so amazing these days - even those on i-phones are incredible. And a few minutes in iphoto or picassa to improve exposure and color and contrast.

    I am so happy you are sharing your "set-up" and demonstrated the befores and afters here. We as photographers have no "magic" anymore - not with all the tools available to anyone these days. The tools and know how are available to everyone - all they must do is take the time to read and learn. And you have made that very clear here.

    Great job.

  3. the monkey is the best part of your photo-set :D


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