Monday, 13 February 2012

New bracelets... it's time for patchwork!

I have a lot of small fabric samples with lovely prints and patterns, in all colors available in the world. In these days I'm experimenting a lot with them, working on little accessories for women and for home decor.
I sold two of my first three wrap bracelets last autumn (orange, blue), so I decided to make other bracelets fo spring, in pastel and light colors with flowers and other springy things.
The fabric samples was so little than I had to do some patchwork and I've experimented the proverb 'to make a virtue of necessity': they came out so pretty in their mix of colors! :)

In the photo above you can see the first of them.
It's a two-spins wrap bracelets in pastel colors with printed roses. I added a hand-shaped charm with the word 'handmade' and two faux mother-of-pearl buttons. Romantic!
It's available here, as usual (follow the link not only to buy, but to read more informations, too).

This is the second one:

Lighter colors (grey, pale pink and white) with three charms: the same hand, a dragonfly, a key. This one is a bit different because it makes three spins around your wrist.
Here my shop's page about it.

Do you like them?
I hope to inspire you to make something similar for you, if you have some fabric scraps (if you sew, I know you have!!!).
In the shop you'll find the first wrap bracelet I made: it's blue, with a modern look and three charms (there's also a funny owl!).


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