Sunday, 16 October 2011

Blue and red

How are you?
Here in MadameRenard's land days are a bit sad, because our uncle Gaetano died. It's time to stay with family and friends.

I'm waiting S. to go to visit our aunt, so I decided for blogging about some new things I made for the shop in these last weeks.
They are in blue and red.

It's made of two gourgeous upholstery fabrics I received (as usual) from my friend Vincenzo (he gaves me pattern books he can't use anymore in his shop).
The exterior fabric has a beautiful floral pattern; I have it in other colors, I hope to work on other bags soon!
Design by me.

I'm experimenting a lot with Vincenzo's fabrics and with new kind of goodies to sell in my shop. I want to sew fabrics, hair pins, pendants and other small objects I can use my scraps for.
I've started with bracelets!
It's a strange choice for me, because I'm not particularly interested in jewelry-wearing and jewelry-making. But creativity has no limits and brings you where you couldn't imagine before (great thing!).
I sewed two wrap bracelets, using a recycled synthetic fabric in blue and brown and some charms I purchased this summer.

This is the prototype (for sale at a lower price)...

... and this is the "finished" bracelet:

What do you think about my blacelets? Do you like them?
Please, write some notes about them in the comments, it's important for me! :)

Have a good and creative sunday!!!


  1. Your bracelets are very pretty. I love that you have added a tiny charm to them as this sets them apart from other cloth bracelets.

    I looks as though you will have some lovely fabrics to make more! Lucky you have such a generous friend.

  2. yes, ilike them , they look great on!

  3. Hi, the bag and the bracelets are fantastic!


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