Thursday, 13 October 2011

October is a good month for ... olives!

So autumn came in Sicily, too!
Last sunday we had a dark, cold, stormy day! Though weather soon turned to sun and warm, it marked the start of autumn. You can look it all around you: colors are different, light is warmer and less violent, birds are moving, leaves are falling. I love this period of the year!

Autumn (and expecially october) in South Italy means... olives!
It's the time to pick up and save them (or make oil).
Last sunday S. and I saved three big jars of olives.
S. received them as a gift from a man who grows them. They will be ready to eat in two-three months, when the brine (water + salt) will have "cooked" them and the olives will have lost their terrible bitter taste.
In the brine we put also slices of lemons (from S.'s garden), garlic, hot peppers and stems of a wild grass called "finocchietto selvatico" (we can translate "wild fennel", but I'm sure it isn't totally right).

After jam, pesto, tomato sauce, we saved other food for winter! :)

Some photos of the making of our jars:

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