Thursday, 20 October 2011

My little town

I live in a little town.
Bigger than the village where I was born (and where I used to live till last june), but little. I recently took some photos of it.

Amazing rainbow from my balcony:

The moon over the church near our home (I'm a bit obsessed by the moon this year, yes):

The main square, photo taken from the top of a tower in an old aristocratic house at the center of the town (I've discovered it thanks to a friend):

Part of the town, from the same tower:

My small village in the north is so far-away, homesickness often knocks on my heart. But my new little town in the south, well, is not bad :)


  1. What beautiful photographs of your new town. I am saving them in my special bookmark for lovely spots around the world. It is where I go when i need a vacation! :-)

    thank you for sharing your town and your beautiful work.

  2. is beatiful, your new town there in the south!!!!:-D

  3. Lovely photos! Especially that rainbow! Bellissimo!


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