Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I have a big surprise for my readers.
Tomorrow in the afternoon I'll leave my home in the north of Italy to live in my new home, with S., in the south (Sicily). I'm going to live 1200 Km far from the place where I grew up, studied, met my friends and where my whole family still live.
A new life for me and S. Together.
Honestly, it's great, but a bit scary and sad for me. I'm afraid of homesickness and I haven't a job there. But, hey, it's the right thing to do and I'm happy about my decision. Happiness needs hard choices, sometimes.
I don't know if this blog will be updated regularly: we have a lot to do in our new home and I haven't internet acces yet.
But I'll do my best to write some blog posts soon. It's a promise!

Before leaving this page I have a question: Isn't my new banner beautiful?
It's clear, funny and have a professional look.
Francesca made it for me. She is a talented web designer and has an interesting Etsy shop (Myminimallook) where she offers custom banner.
Thank you, Francesca, I love it!


  1. we'll miss you! many wishes for your new life! <3

  2. Goodbye and hugs and wishes, we'll wait for you on your blog ;)

  3. Buona fortuna per la nuova avventura!! :DD
    E ora con internet ci si sente comunque vicini!

  4. thank you for following our blog, we are very happy to meet you. good wishes for your new home. i tried to comment before but it didnt work, so hope this one does.

  5. Buona fortuna...e torna presto a scrivere!!!

    Ah...il banner è molto catrino ^_^

    Un abbraccio!

  6. Mi unisco al coro dei "Buona fortuna" ma non ne avrai bisogno al sud si sta bene e si mangia bene!...io sono di Roma e se dovessi scegliere tra nord e sud scegliere il sud pur avendo deliziosi parenti nordisti
    un saluto

  7. Il banner è carinissimo!
    Ma...ma...l'altra notizia è stupenda! All'inizio pensavo stessi parlando di un viaggio, poi ho letto.
    In bocca al lupo per questa nuova vita e abbi cura di te :)


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